Key West, Day 2

Today we spent the day wandering around Key West.  My favorite was the Hemingway House.  Hemingway wrote several books while living in the house and I got to see his office.  My very favorite part was learning that Hemingway considered it a good day if he wrote between 300 and 700 words a day.  That’s about one to three pages of a printed book. Most writers I know tend to shoot for 1000 words a day, or more.

The house is beautiful.  It was built in the mid 1800s and has survived a couple of hurricanes.  When he Hemingway family moved on from Key West, they sold the house and didn’t look back.  The lady they sold it to was pretty savvy and she planned all along to make it into a museum.  She preserved everything the way it was when the Hemingways were there, including the cats.

Apparently, Hemingway had dozens of cats.  He often talked to them and they all had names.  Today, the museum has 45 cats and they’re all descended from Hemingway’s original cats.  It was strange to walk around and see cats everywhere.  They like to sleep on the furniture, often right beside a sign stating there is no sitting on the furniture.

The house and museum is still owned by the family of the lady who bought it from the Hemingways.  Hemingway paid $8,000 for the house and sold it for $80,000. Now, it’s worth millions.

For lunch we decided to go totally tourist and headed for Margaritaville.  My  hamburger was really good and Bob liked his coconut shrimp but, ironically, the margarita was uninspiring.  We didn’t even drink half of it.

I put all the picutes I’ve taken of Key West here.  I hope you enjoy them!

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